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Vr6-shifter-rod-bushings, mkiv r32, eos, touareg, a3, and audi tt bushings now available! finally - replacements for the problematic oem vw intake manifold shift rod bushings – in most cases theres no need to buy a replacement shift rod! these bushings are sold in sets of 2 to replace the 2 bushing rods - if you have the very early 99.5 model year with the even more pathetic 5 bushing rod, you need to buy a 2 bushing .... Replacing the intake manifold shifter rod bushings on a vw vr6 12v. worn bushings will cause the rod to rattle and make noise. replace the bushings and get rid of the noise. try at your own risk ..., empi 98-2038 stock shift rod bushing, type 1 vw bug/ghia 1949-79.

Vr6 shifter rod bushings 07-09-2009 12:50 pm #1. does anyone know of the cheapest place i can get a new bushing set for the intake shifter rod on a 01 jetta vr6? i'm talking about the little green and red ones on the ends of the rod. sponsored links remove advertisements. advertisements, a common problem the early mk4 12v vr6 motors suffered from is a faulty intake manifold shift rod. this usually caused a flapping / rattling noise from 2500 to 4000 rpm in the power band usually due to the bushings being worn out. this is a new oem part to replace your worn out unit..

Make your vw shifter feel like new! our vw shifter bushings will save you a ton of money and get your shifter working like new! as the mk4 generation cars are getting older, weaknesses in the stock vw shifter mechanism are showing up and we have inexpensive fixes for them here., all three cabin-side mk4 shifter bushing kits in one convenient, money saving kit! if your mk4 shifter is sloppy you can buy this kit to get everything you need to make it nice and tight again!.

Replacing the shifter rod on a mkiv 12v vr6 the following procedure describes how to replace the shifter rod on a mkiv 12v vr6. the shifter rod, whose real name is the intake manifold rotary change-over valve, is a long, 6-holed cylinder in the upper intake manifold that rotates 90° at certain rpms to maximize low to mid-range torque. the change-over valve is more commonly known as the ..., shop oem & aftermarket performance parts for vw, audi, bmw, mini, porsche cars including exhausts, wheels, intakes, belts, brakes, spark plugs and much more..

Shifter linkage info: thomas p.o. box 83041 4827 kingsway burnaby, bc v5h 0a4 canada exovcds swag: http://1060461.sp...