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Purple-sage-bush, purple sage (salvia dorrii), also known as salvia, is a bushy perennial native to the desert regions of the western united states. used to sandy, poor soil, it requires little maintenance and is perfect for filling in areas where most other plants would die.. Purple sage, also known as salvia, is an evergreen shrub that is both inexpensive and hardy. as a native desert plant, sage bushes are accustomed to drought and heavy sun. they making them a worthwhile addition to any garden. for more information about salvia planting and care, read on., salvia officinalis 'purpurescens' sku #6435 ornamental herb with attractive dusky purple foliage and showy violet-blue flower spikes. excellent in mixed containers and borders..

Desert purple sage is a showy late spring blooming native shrublet with silver foliage and blue flowers pushing out from mid-purple bracts. impervious to browsing deer and rabbits, it is a pollinator's delight attracting all types of bees. drought resistant/drought tolerant plant (xeric). product is out of stock, leucophyllum frutescens, also called texas sage, barometer bush, etc., a purple-flowered shrub of texas (where it is the official state native shrub) and mexico. though it has been considered "the purple sage of cowboy song fame," it is not the plant of grey's novel, as it is known in the u.s. only from texas..

Texas sage flowering shrub is perfect for hedges, rock gardens and mass planting, adding instant beauty to your outdoor space produces hardy, velvety-silver foliage and purple flowers that bloom in the summer heat- and drought-tolerant plant thrives in areas that receive full sun, and requires very little moisture for easy care, also known as texas sage or cenizo, purple sage, (leucophyllum frutescens), is a durable, low-maintenance, drought-tolerant plant that thrives in u.s. department of agriculture growing zones 8a to....

Also known as texas barometer bush, cenizo, purple sage and texas silverleaf, these plants grow in u.s. department of agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 to 11. the foliage of the bushes includes..., purple sage (salvia dorii) is a low-sprawling shrub with downy, silver leaves and dense, spiny branches. standing 2 to 3 feet high, it grows wild in the dry, open spaces of the pacific northwest, california, utah and arizona.. As i drove to work a couple of weeks ago, i noticed the texas sage shrubs in my neighborhood were ablaze with purple blooms. at first, i thought only a few were blooming along the right-of-way, but as i meandered deeper into my neighborhood toward the highway, i found just about every sage bush i came upon was abloom. when