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Purple-beautyberry-bush, beautyberry is a deciduous shrub found naturally in the southeastern united states. it typically grows four to five feet tall and wide, although it's been known to reach nine feet in height.. Purple beautyberry, beautyberry, beauty berry one of the best ornamental fruiting shrubs, callicarpa dichotoma (purple beautyberry) is a small, compact, rounded, deciduous shrub, primarily grown for its eye-catching display of purple berries from late summer through winter., grown for its rows of lilac-violet, round, glossy, tiny fruit, purple beautyberry is a small, deciduous shrub native to china, korea, and japan. its long, arching branches often touch the ground, giving it an elegant shape. the small pink flowers in summer are followed by the small fruits that ripen in september and last through october..

Noted for its profuse berries and early fruiting age, callicarpa dichotoma 'issai' (purple beautyberry) is a small, compact, rounded, deciduous shrub, primarily grown for its eye-catching display of shiny purple berries from early to late fall. in summer, it bears clusters of small pink flowers along its elegantly arching stems., beautyberry produces white or light pink flowers in the summer that make quite a statement in the garden. this shrub gets its name from a gorgeous display of bright purple berries in the fall. the berries hold well into the winter, making a delicious treat for birds..

Dark purple-black foliage all season long, then late summer brings clusters of pink flowers and the amazing purple berries that make callicarpa such a desirable garden plant. purple pearls also offers a distinctive upright habit, which saves space in the landscape compared to the wide horizontal habit of other beautyberry., american beautyberry shrubs (callicarpa americana, usda zones 7 through 11) bloom in late summer, and although the flowers aren’t much to look at, the jewel-like, purple or white berries are dazzling. the fall foliage is an attractive yellow or chartreuse color..

A superb shrub valued for its abundant clusters of long-lasting, violet-colored berries that cover the branches in fall. new growth has a bronze tinge. small, purple-pink flowers appear in summer between the large green leaves. prune in late winter to early spring to encourage new growth., beautyberry is a deciduous shrub noted for its brightly colored, tightly clustered berries that remain on the bush into winter. other common names are american beautyberry and american mulberry. about beautyberries fast-growing deciduous shrubs, beautyberries grow 4 to 8 feet tall and wide..

Callicarpa (beautyberry) is a genus of shrubs and small trees in the family lamiaceae. they are native to east and southeast asia (where the majority of the species occur), australia, madagascar, southeast north america and south america.