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Low-growing-rose-bushes, before getting to the new generation of rose bushes, though, a few words are in order regarding an old standby in the toolkit of the landscaper seeking low-maintenance options. rosa rugosa is a salt-tolerant plant. this rose bush tolerates salt so well, in fact, that is has been dubbed the "beach" rose.. Flower carpet pink – a fairly low-growing ground cover rose reaching heights around 24-32 inches (60-80 cm.) with bright pink blooms, you’ll find this hardy plant suitable for growing in zones 5-10. roald dahl – this new english rose was named in roald dahl’s honor and produces gorgeous peach-colored blooms., groundcover roses are one of the newest trends in roses. these low-growing, sprawling shrubs are actually not a class of their own like many other rose types. generally, what people consider groundcover roses are just low-growing shrub roses. but no matter what they are, these plants are great at filling space with nonstop blooms..

Plant groundcover roses where you want low-growing splashes of color — as with beds of annuals — or a low shrubby border to accent a path, a highlight for the front of a bed, a swath of bloom to cover a gentle slope, or an accent plant to flow from a container. here are a few garden-worthy varieties to consider:, small roses. this section gives a selection of low-growing roses, in the main reaching two feet or less. these are particularly useful for very small modern gardens..

The wood rose or dwarf rose is a sub-shrub that stays low to the ground and produces small blooms, but it requires little maintenance., transform even the trickiest areas into inviting banks of color and fragrance! groundcover roses offer rock-solid performance and a low, spreading habit that makes them perfect for covering sloping or rocky areas. notoriously low-maintenance, groundcover roses set out a carpet of colorful blooms all summer long with little need for attention..

Make your front yards beautiful! in our guide, we give you landscaping ideas and look at green, drought tolerant, low maintenance shrubs. up your home’s curb appeal with evergreen plants that love sun, pair well with perennials, and explode into white flowers! #shrubs #bushes #lowmaintenance, hardy geraniums have long been a first choice for planting under roses. these low growers make themselves at home and form a living mulch, protecting the rose roots and complementing the flowers with their shades of white, pink, and blue. 08 of 32.

It's tough to beat 'snowdrift' for an easy-growing, white-flowering rose. this hardy shrub produces full white flowers all season long and isn't touched by disease. the gorgeous blooms are great for cutting. size: to 4 feet tall