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Leaf-spring-bushes, daystar, jeep yj wrangler polyurethane spring shackle bushings front or rear, fits 1987 to 1996 4wd, kj02007bk, made in america, black. Leaf spring bushing: how to install one in six steps. your vehicle's leaf spring bushing is a very important part. without this rubber bushing, you will have an uncomfortable driving experience due to excessive vibrations in the chassis and axle., bronze bushings replace worn or damaged leaf spring bronze bushings with these replacement bushings. measure the dimensions of your old bushings to determine the correct part number that you need. remember to grease your pins to prolong bushing life and performance..

The combination of heavy-duty leaf springs and polyurethane spring bushings allows proper suspension function in takeoff, cornering, braking and bumps. #34-0103 is for trucks with a 1-1/2" outer diameter frame shackle bushing and a 1-1/2" main eye bushing. #34-0104 is for trucks with a 1-1/2" outer diameter frame shackle bushing and a 1-3/4" main eye bushing. #34-0105 is for trucks with a 1-3/4" outer diameter frame shackle bushing., the leaf spring is a pretty old design—it's a pack of arched steel strips that get progressively longer and are held together with shackles. the pack bows and flexes to absorb the energy of impact with bumps or potholes, and dates back to 19th century stagecoaches and buckboards. source | mike aguilar.

The standard leaf spring is made from several thin strips of sprung steel of different lengths and held together by clamps. it is subject to wear as the leaves rub against each other during suspension movement. to overcome this, a tapered-profile single leaf spring is fitted on some vehicles., a leaf spring is a simple form of spring commonly used for the suspension in wheeled vehicles.originally called a laminated or carriage spring, and sometimes referred to as a semi-elliptical spring, elliptical spring, or cart spring, it is one of the oldest forms of springing, appearing on carriages in england after 1750 and from there migrating to france and germany..

Superflex part ref : od: nom id (pin) inside length: flange thickness : flange od: flange profile: sf0014-17: 22.2: 12.7: 17: 7.3 : 28: spherical: sf0014: 22.2: 12.7 ..., shop leaf spring bushes at automotive superstore - free shipping $99+*. Sanderson leaf springs stock a wide range of leaf spring suspension bushes including: rubber to metal bonded brass and half rubber as fitted by original equipment manufacturers. where applicable we can offer leaf spring suspension bushes to fit all the springs in our range including end pads.