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Holly-bushes-berries, no, all holly bushes do not have berries. hollies are dioecious, meaning that they need male and female plants in order to produce seeds, which are what berries are. so only female holly bushes will have the red berries. this means that if some of your holly bushes do not have berries, they may be male and simply cannot produce berries.. Self-pollinating hollies that produce berries. most holly shrubs and trees require a female and male before berries will appear. but in the world of plants, where there's a will, there's sometimes ..., from its waxy, pointy green leaves to its signature bright-red berries, the cheerful, festive holly bush is often associated with christmas. but the popular plant is just as gorgeous at other times of the year, creating a lush, dense backdrop with a pop of color..

Most of the holly plants have separate male plants and female plants, and only the female plants will produce the berries. the berries are very showy, and on most of the varieties produce red fruits, but some are blue, black, yellow, or white. the fruit production makes the plants very desirable and attractive to wildlife and people or children., the berries are generally black, but on some japanese holly bushes, they are a shade of golden yellow. other names and varieties that come under the japanese holly are convexa, microphylla, dwarf pagoda, green lustre, etc. these types grow up to an average height of 2 to 13 feet. they are hardy and can be pruned severely..

Holly trees and bushes encompass more than 400 plant species. the majority of these are dioecious, so they require both a male and female plant within pollination distance of each other in order for the female to produce fruits. holly can be evergreen or deciduous and range greatly in size and shape.