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Bushes-that-grow-in-shade, yews are one of the plants used in christmas traditions. these needled evergreen bushes are valued for their showy, red, berry-like cones and as shrubs that grow in shade. some people find them boring or overused, but the versatility of these tough plants makes their case for them.. It can be tough designing a garden in a shady area. you have to make sure you choose the right shrubs for the conditions. without the proper amount of sun, flowering shrubs may fail to produce blossoms or bloom poorly, and many shrubs will perform poorly overall. deep shade can even kill your plants unless they are species that naturally grow in shade., one of the best flowering shrubs for shady spots, kerria produces masses of bright yellow flowers in april and may. these easy-care plants are also tolerant of both dry and wet soils, heavy shade, and hungry deer. kerria can spread by underground suckers, so check state regulations to find out if it's considered invasive in your region..

Known for changing its color from pink to blue, hydrangea is one of the best flowering shade-loving shrubs. it flowers in warm temperatures during spring and summer. hydrangea can be planted in spring once the threat of frost has passed in rich, well-draining soil. in the fall, cover your plant with bark mulch, pine needles, or straw., hydrangea (hydrangea spp.) both lacecap and bigleaf hydrangeas bring color to partly shaded locations. flowers start the show in early summer and continue an eye-catching display until—and beyond—fall frost. hardiness varies, but new hybrids offer winter hardiness to zones 4 in bigleaf hydrangeas..

Get free shipping on qualified full shade shrubs & bushes or buy online pick up in store today in the outdoors department., grown for their bold foliage, japanese laurel bushes have glossy, oval-shaped foliage that appears as if it’s speckled with yellow paint. the small, red to purple flowers on japanese laurel emerge in spring to light up the garden with color. they grow in full to part shade and well-drained soil..

Japanese holly is another of the best shade shrubs for areas of light to deep shade. it is a species of holly native to eastern china and japan. it can also be found growing naturally in korea and taiwan. it’s typically grown as an ornamental plant for its dense, attractive, evergreen foliage., pieris japonica is the first bush on our list of shade loving shrubs. it is a shade tolerant evergreen with leaves that start out red, then change to pink and cream before becoming lime green. mountain fire pieris japonica* it likes acidic sandy soil which is characteristic of many of the shrubs that grow well in shade..

Happy in full sun or in part shade with protection from the afternoon sun, japanese pieris is a broadleaf evergreen shrub that grows 4' to 8' tall. hardy in zones 5 to 8, the plants need rich, acidic, moist soil that drains easily. white blooms with an unusual upside-down, vase-like shape open in spring.