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Bush-with-small-blue-flowers, flowering shrubs with lavender or blue blossoms shrubs with blue flowers or lavender flowers are among the most treasured bushes in the landscape. blue and lavender (and similar shades associated with purple, such as lilac) are considered "cool" colors in color theory. as cool colors, they are thought to have a relaxing effect on the viewer.. The hydrangea bush (hydrangea macrophylla) is available in a range of colors, including blue varieties. the shrub is compact and bears large, round flowers throughout the summer. varieties are available in a full spectrum of blue shades. hydrangeas grow best in full sun to partial shade and will reach heights of 6 feet high., blue flowering shrubs will also provide eye-popping contrasts when planted beside white flowering plants, both annuals and perennials. tree form plants, such as blue chiffon rose of sharon, will certainly become a focal point. its puff of blue flowers, perched atop a short trunk-like stem, will add color wherever it is planted..

Shrubs with blue flowers found in: ceanothus griseus var. horizontalis 'yankee point', sollya heterophylla 'ultra blue', hibiscus syriacus 'blue.., pugster blue ® butterfly bush buddleia ‘smnbdbt’ pp#28,794, cbraf. one of the trickiest parts of blue flowers is that the camera rarely sees them the same way the human eye does – that’s why you have to see a pugster blue butterfly bush yourself to appreciate its deep, true blue blooms, not to mention their impressive size and delightful honey-like fragrance..

What kind of flowers are naturally blue? what does blue color even mean? in this comprehensive and detailed guide, you will find a list of flower types, big and small, that have all kinds of blue colors, including, navy blue, dark and light blue., want to see more blue plants? here are all the blue flowering plants in our lineup.; read about our top 10 blue shrubs here and about our top 10 blue annuals here.; check out these blue flowering plants on pinterest.; patent info: color spires ® 'crystal blue' salvia nemorosa uspp26344 canpbr5338; color spires ® 'azure snow' salvia usppaf canpbraf; decadence ® 'blueberry sundae' baptisia ....

Shrubs with dark blue flowers 33 plants found. click on an image or plant name to view the full plant profile. next (viewing 1 to 10 ), learn about more than 40 types of blue flowers including cornflower, iris, hydrangea & more, plus other types of flowers at